Sperm Donation Steps

Sperm Donation Steps

Sperm Donation Steps

Sperm Donation Steps; Men with insufficient sperm quality, numbness and mobility are unlikely to have children. Most males can not have a baby or reproduce because of serious problems like infertility. Sperm donation therapy can be applied to sperm failure so couples are able to have children.

Briefly, sperm donation is the method by which someone else has sperm and children. The sperm from the donor is combined with the eggs from the mother. Once it becomes an embryo, it is transferred to the mother. The next steps continue in the same way as normal pregnancy

Sperm Donation The Decision Making Phase

If you are not able to have children, you need to look at your reproductive cells. Experts recommend sperm donation if there are conditions such as poor sperm quality and motility in men. If you go to the specialist with the necessary tests, and you have decided to start treatment, the medication treatment for the mother is started on the second or third day of her period.

Drug treatment is given to the mother. This drug treatment is a hormone therapy and the goal is to mature the mother’s eggs and increase their quality. The medication takes approximately two weeks. When drug treatment is over, eggs are collected from the mother.

Once the eggs have been collected, they are taken to the lab where the Embryologists use the sperm from the donor, the sperm will contain the properties determined by the family,  the donor sperm is then merged with the eggs. Reproductive cells are left in a special container in the laboratory in a controlled environment to develop. The reproductive cells are transferred to the mother 3 or 5 days after they have developed and become embryos. The transfer step is easy and painless.

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