Halil Ibrahim Tekin M.D

Doctor Halil Ibrahim Tekin
Medical Director
IVF-ET and Gynaecology Endoscopy Centre

Dr. H.I.Tekin is one of the most popular and sought after physician’s known for his successful achievements as well as his compassion and approach towards all his patients. He works with a professional team from Turkey, UK, Canada, Greece and USA, that are all dedicated fully to ensure the highest possible standards of care is delivered on a daily basis.

Dr. Tekin was born on the 8th of September in 1962 in the capital city of North Cyprus, Nicosia. He attended Tavas Istiklal primary school. In 1973, he achieved acceptance into Galatasaray Lisesi where he continued his middle and secondary school education. In 1987 he attended and completed education in the Medical Faculty of İstanbul Cerrahpaşa University and shortly majored in Forensic Medicine. In 1985, he worked alongside Prof. C.Pray at the Lille University located in France for a period of five months in the Endocrinology Surgery branch. Between the years of 1987-1989, he provided services at the emergency unit as well as Forensic Medicine at Denizli Government Hospital. In 1988 he obtained a certificate from the Ankara Numune Hospital for First Aid emergency services. From 1991-2004 he worked On-call at the Pakize Tarzi Hospital. Once completing his education at Zeynep Kamil Hospital in 1995, he then became a specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology. He began working at the same hospital in 1997 at the IVF center alongside the first IVF specialists, Prof. Laufer as well as Prof. Atasu, Prof. U.Özekici and Prof. Sahmay. While working at the very same hospital, he obtained assisted reproductive medicine license (ART). Between the years of 1993-1995 he has also worked at Marmara University in the animal research field for endometriosis.

In 2000 he founded the first IVF center in North Cyprus, Nicosia, which was also the first Turkish donation center.

By 2014, he had turned 20,000 family’s dreams into reality. After founding in the Ortadoğu and Balkanlar Tüp bebek center in 2004, he then began treating patients at the Near East University Hospital’s IVF unit. Dr.Tekin is also treating patients at the Mağusa Tıp Merkezi hospital, which is mainly where he is based.

Dr. Tekin is also working on endometriosis, pronuclear transfer between young and old fertilized oocytes. He’s currently participating in animal research, to enhance IVF Medias with the association of AM university animal testing labs.

Dr. Tekin is always up to date with the most recent studies in fertility medicine, which is why we have our fantastic success rates.

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