Sperm Freezing

sperm freezing
Sperm Freezing procedure

There are a few steps to follow during the sperm freezing procedure.

Sperm Freezing Steps

Step 1: Sperm Collection

This process requires a sample to be collected from the male. The sample can be taken in two different ways. First, you may give the sperm in the sperm collection rooms in our clinics by the masturbation method. In cases where the number of sperm is not adequate, or the patient cannot give sperm by masturbation, the sperm is taken by surgically. MESA, TESA, PESA procedures can be used to collect sperm from the testis. These procedures are performed under local or general anesthesia.


Before giving a sample, the male patient must have sexual abstinence for 3 days. During this period, they should not experience any sexual intercourse, and masturbation is prohibited. We do not recommend a prolonged abstinence period, as while the sperm number increases, the quality decreases dramatically.


Step 2: Sperm Analysis

The collected sperm is analyzed first. In semen analysis, the sperm count, mobility and structure are evaluated. This allows for the selection and freezing of the most healthy sperm. If the sample is not of the desired quality, the doctor may ask you to provide another sample.


Step 3: Sperm Freezing

After the sperm analysis has been completed, the acquired sperm will be frozen at -197 ° C using a specially formulated sperm freezing fluid. The patient’s sperm is safely protected in liquid nitrogen for many years.


Where to Freeze Sperm?

In order to make it effective and safe, the medical center that provides this service should have an experienced team and a powerful laboratory with technological infrastructure, just like Crown IVF clinic. In our center, we have successfully implemented all the proven methods. Thanks to our experience and technological infrastructure, we achieve successful results in our hi-tech laboratory.


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