Before “In-Vitro-Fertilization – IVF” Treatment

Before “In-Vitro-Fertilization – IVF” Treatment

What is “in-vitro-fertilization – IVF” treatment?

The modern treatment method of in-vitro-fertilization (IVF), which was used by Robert G. Edwards for the first time, has promised hope to a number of couples who cannot have a child since 1978 so far. IVF treatment, which has spread around the world within the new developments, has helped so many couples have a baby and it still continues to do so.

Even though the history of IVF treatment in the world goes back to 1978, the first baby through IVF treatment was born in 1989 in Turkey. Since then, there have been a great amount developments and improvements on the treatment methods which are applied for couples trying to have a child. Within developing new era and technological tools, IVF treatment is a lot easier, simpler and faster now compared to the past.

“in-vitro-fertilization (IVF)"

“in-vitro-fertilization (IVF)”

What are the steps of IVF treatment?

Every year, thousands of couples consult to doctors for IVF treatment. Most of the couples are able to have a child as they start the treatment. The couples, who cannot, require having some information about the steps of the treatment. The communication with the doctor and the detailed information about the steps of the treatment support the expectant mother for being calmer and more patient.

  • Stage – First examination and evaluation of the couple
  • Stage – Egg Creation
  • Stage – Egg Collection
  • Stage – Embryo transfer
  • Stage – Pregnancy test

First examination and evaluation of the couple

The treatment process starts when the couple comes to the doctor. A lot of couples apply our clinic when they cannot have a child naturally or want to start IVF treatment. First of all, those couples need to be examined and assessed because the treatment method is unique to each patient as each illness or healthy issue is unique.

Some of the couples hurry to start the IVF treatment. They apply for IVF treatment immediately after a few unprotected intercourses. However, we, experts, recommend to the couples to have unprotected intercourses over a year at least and afterwards to apply for IVF treatment. During the evaluation of the couple, the examination and test results of expectant mother and father, their ages etc. are taken into consideration.

In the evaluation phase, the reports mostly requested from the couples are as follows;

  • All kinds of surgical reports or notes
  • Sperm analysis
  • Male and female blood tests
  • Previous treatment reports if exists
  • X-ray report of the uterus
  • Chromosome analysis
  • Reports of other diseases if exists


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