Early Menopause

early menopauseEarly Menopause Treatment

Early menopause is usually a continuum that is irreversible. Even though it is a very low chance for women to have their period cycle start again and to have a child after early menopause, some women could still have a child in some cases. Usually, early menopause enables the woman who is having it to get over it with less pain, problems and more relaxed. However, the recently developing medicine and treatment modalities have increased the possibility for women having early menopause to have a child. The very first of these modalities is hormone support. Medical treatment modalities are supposed to be used via medical advice by the doctor. As Crown IVF, we believe that it is very significant to apply the most suitable treatment to the person as a result of the tests and investigations.


Treatment Methods at Home For Early Menopause

The methods applied at home are as significant as the treatment applied in the clinic during the process of treatment. These mainly include lifestyle changes, because when the patient has irregular habits, early menopause causes serious problems. The support of family and friends is also very important for the treatment.


Lifestyle Changes for Early Menopause:

  • Reduce stress
  • Consume calcium from nutrition
  • Do sports and exercise regularly
  • Quit smoking and alcohol


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