Our Team

Our Team – MD. H.I.TekinOur Team - Dr. Hit

Our Team Director

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist (Clinical Director)

He began his education in Tavas İstiklal Primary School. Afterwards, In 1973, he attended Galatasaray High School and completed his secondary and high school education there. He graduated from Istanbul University – Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty in 1987 and specialized in Cerrahpaşa’s Forensic Medicine Institute for a short while.

In 1985, at the University of Lille, France, in the Department of Endocrinological Surgery, he worked with C Proy for 5 months.

Afterwards, Between 1987-1989, he worked as a physician and a forensic doctor in the emergency department of Denizli State Hospital.

Later, In 1988, he received the “Hızır Emergency Certificate” from Ankara Numune Hospital. He left Pakize Tarzi Hospital, where he started to work on duty in 1991, later the hospital was demolished for renewal in 2004.

Later, In 1995, he completed his education at Zeynep Kamil Hospital and became a Gynaecology and Obstetrics Specialist.

Later, In 1997, he started working in the IVF center established under the leadership of Israel Horovitz Institute, within the same hospital. Afterwards,  He received his first in vitro fertilization training from Prof. Laufer. Prof. T. Atasu, Prof. U Özekici, and worked with Prof. Sahmay.


The professional expertise behind our success comprises a team of the utmost competent doctors, highly qualified personnel working in our embryology laboratory, auxiliary health department, nursing and patient services, and patient consultants. Their qualifications combined with their determination to assist you in attaining your dream of starting a family is what makes them an esteemed part of our clinical family.

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Our Doctors

Dr. Cengiz Topel (Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Dr. Murat Ekemen(Anaesthesia and Reanimation Expert)

Dr. Savvas Koundouros (Genetics and Embryology Expert)

Meltem Tekin Peker (Physiotherapist)

Zeynep Erkan(Anaesthesia Technician)

Embryology Lab

Selman Yıldız (Emb. Lab. Supervisor)

Can Ata (Emb. Lab. Coordinator)

Hamza Çelik (Medical Technician)

Onur Karadağ (Andrology – Asistant Staff)

Özlem Bağcı (Medical Technician)

Emine Kuş (Medical Technician)


Gülşen Ülger (Nurse Supervisor)

Ege Hepgirginer (Patient Coordinator)

Stephanie Lyn (Nurse)

Tuğba Heyberi (Nurse)

Cennet Dağdeviren (Donor Coordinator)

Melihat Buldaç (Nurse)

Havva Erişen (English Patient Coordinator)


Laith Naim Alsalaymeh (International Patient Coordinator)

Bahar Suay (English Patient Advisor)

Claire England (UK Patient Coordinator)

Anastasiia Volavnikova (Russian Patient Advisor)

Nurshan Malike Erguz (English Patient Coordinator)

Asena Aktaş (English Patient Coordinator)

Gerdi Biraci (Albanian Patient Advisor)

Assia Mandar (French Patient Coordinator)

Nataliya Şenkalp (Russian Patient Advisor)


Sevgi Kaya (Secretary)

Mehtap Öztürk (Secretary – Transportation Supervisor)

Süleyman Güryaylı (Transportation Staff)

Erhan Şenkalp (Transportation Staff)

Bahodır Samandarov (Technical Staff)


Assistant Health Staff

Yasemin Öğretici (Assistant Health Staff)

Anahit Petrosyan (Assistant Health Staff)

Çiğdem Tohumserper (Assistant Health Staff)

Şehriban Şahin (Assistant Health Staff)

Larissa Öğretici (Assistant Health Staff)

Finance and Administrative Services

Selda Albay (Director)

Emine Tokgöz (Finance Manager)