Find Yourself a Home in Cyprus


    At Crown IVF Center, our goal is to provide you with all the comfort you need through the fertility treatment process, which can be emotionally demanding for expecting parents. We support you by arranging your accommodation upon request once you arrive to Cyprus.

Why Do You Need Accommodation in Cyprus?


Our treatments consist of many phases and require involvement from the couples. This means that it is best for patients to stay in Cyprus during certain points. For our overseas couples, we aim to help you in every which way!

Travel with All the Luxury and Freedom


Do not let the unfamiliarity break your stride! Go out sightseeing and enjoy your short term stay in Cyprus while receiving high quality fertility treatments at Crown IVF!

Options for a Home in Cyprus


Here is a list of places you can stay during your visit to Cyprus and our clinic. Upon request, we can book reservations for our patients' accommodations before they arrive to Cyprus. These are exquisite locations to stay and relax in while your baby countdown begins.

  • Cyprus Arkın Palm Beach Hotel

  • Ingate Hotel

  • Port View Hotel

  • Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel

  • Merit Cyprus Gardens Holiday Village

Don’t Forget To Experience the Historical Goodness


No amount of time is enough to give you a complete tour of the scenic beauty in Cyprus! In case you want to start from somewhere, here are some touristic hotspots to begin with:

  • Salamis Ruins

  • St. Nicholas Cathedral

  • Namik Kemal Dungeon Museum

  • Othello Castle

  • Canbulat Museum

  • St. Barnabas Monastery

Merit Cyprus Gardens Holiday Village


Merit Cyprus Gardens Holiday Village & Casino, located in the heart of Famagusta. You can enjoy swimming in the hotel’s private golden sand beach and pool. The crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean and an evergreen garden surround the hotel. Revel in relaxation and comfort offered by both the indoor and outdoor areas of the hotel, where distinguished service quality and technology combine with comfort. The hotel has all sorts of facilities to keep your little ones busy while you relax. Address: Yeni İskele, Famagusta, North Cyprus

Historical Places in Cyprus

St. Nicholas Cathedral


The most gothic structure of Northern Cyprus, which hosted the coronation ceremonies of kings. When the Ottomans took it, they started using it as a mosque. Nowadays it is called Lala Mustafa Pasha mosque, and it is still used as a place of worship. This structure is very beautiful with its high-domed image, and is one of the best places to visit in Cyprus.

Namik Kemal Dungeon Museum


This museum contains information about Namik Kemal and his work. The dungeon in the Famagusta region held him for 38 months. He wrote the plays “Vatan” and “Silistre”, which he is famous for.

Othello Castle


Established in the 12th century to defend the harbor located in Famagusta, the castle is one of the main entrances to the city with the land and sea gate it protected. It undertakes such an important task, therefore it has become the center of attention for tourists every year.

Canbulat Museum


Canbulat Museum contains the works of Killis Sancak Bey. He was thought to have died in place of the Arsenal Bastion when he was martyred during the conquest. Under the museum, there is the tomb of Canbulat Bey. They exhibited his remains there after the reconstruction works in 1968. Full of history, we recommend for you to visit the museum as part of your tour in Cyprus.

St. Barnabas Monastery


Barnabas was the child of a Jewish family who worked to spread the message of Christianity in Cyprus, and was later on killed due to it. They threw his body into a swamp in hopes of hiding his remains. The faithful students of Barnabas found his body and buried it in an underground cave. Later, the region gained autonomy in 477 and was turned into a monastery. The building is the center of attention amongst its guests and has an architectural structure that a must see.

Salamis Ruins


This is an ancient city located on the island of Cyprus. The city was established near the basin of the Pedios river, which rises from the Trodos mountain and flows into the sea. At the end of the 19th century it was found covered with trees and a layer of soil. Most of the city has been unearthed with excavations that took place between 1952-1974. There was an interruption of the excavation in 1974 but in 1998, Ankara University resumed them. The city is also mentioned in the Bible.

St. Andread Monastery (Karpaz)


Both the Greeks and the Turks value this monastery as a holy place. The church, which dedicates itself to Apostolos Andreas (St. Andrew), which people know as the “Creator of Miracles”, “Ruler of the Winds” and “Guardian of Passengers”, increases the mysticism of the place with its magnificent architecture as well as its eye-catching chandeliers and icons.