Low Ovarian Reserve

What is the Best Treatment For Low Ovarian Reserve?

The right approach to patients with low ovarian reserve is to ensure that they have a child as soon as possible. Definitely, having a few embryos to freeze and store makes this process much easier. Those patients may even be able to get pregnant without treatment. However, even though they may get pregnant naturally, if they did not store a frozen embryo, they may have lost their reserves when they think of having another child. For this reason, the most appropriate approach to the patients with low ovarian reserve is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

Patients with low ovarian reserve are treated with slightly different methods than IVF. Although their biggest concern is their lack of eggs, it is also important to recognize that their egg quality may also not be good. Some of the embryos may have disorders during development, or there may be some genetic problems. Some information regarding this is shared with the patient in the beginning, including:

  1. More than one cycle of IVF may be necessary
  2. It is possible to collect embryos which were formed as a result of IVF, and freeze them so that they can be transferred after a month or two
  3. Genetic scanning can be done to the formed embryo

Additionally, we also inform patients that they may be needed to be treated with a lower dose of medication or pills, called Mini IVF, instead of using high-dose medication as in normal treatments.

Low Dose Medication is Used for Patients with Low Ovarian Reserve

Is the treatment of patients with low ovarian reserve different than others?

High-dose medication is used in the standard treatment, because the aim is to obtain a large number of eggs. As a result, we have many options and the chance to choose the right and the healthiest embryo. Yet, we do not have this opportunity with the patients with low ovarian reserve. High-dose medication damages the quality of the existing eggs. The problems regarding low fertility rate of the taken egg or low development rate may be seen. Sometimes, an embryo cannot be formed. For this reason, recently, a very low-dose medicine and sometimes natural treatment is preferred for patients with low ovarian reserve, so that we can obtain better developed and healthier embryos by using their own eggs. In this way, collecting, storing, and pooling the embryos in that month and checking them over and over again to observe their genetics are the aspects that differ from the standard treatment.

What is Recommended for Women with Low Ovarian Reserve?What is Recommended for Women with Low Ovarian Reserve?

Patients with low egg reserve should remain calm and then apply to a center and an expert who are professionals in this issue. The eggs of even single patients can legally be collected, frozen, and stored to be used in the future at the centers. We also offer the opportunity of forming, freezing, and keeping embryos of the patients who are married and not willing to have a child currently, but are interested in the future.

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